R.E.M. (w/ Neil Young) – Country feedback

Country feedback (from the album Out of time) is what is usually known as a “deep cut”. Not a hit single, no radio airplay. But it comes to be one of REM´s finest and most impressive songs ever and Michael Stipe´s favourite one.

There are several fantastic performances of this song on the internet; so difficult to choose I finally included two. Both are from 1998 and are truly stunning: heartfelt, great sounding. The kind of music that makes time stand still for a while.

The first one is from a show at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, California) and Neil Young joins the band on stage for an impressive result. Godfather Young kind of acts as if he is alone on stage but his guitar picking is omnipresent; Stipe is really aware of his great instrumental delivery that really highs the song level.

The second one is from Jools Holland TV show and its highlights are Stipe´s vocal delivery and an incredible slide guitar work. Play them loud and choose your own favourite!!