Courtney Barnett – Depreston

Uhuh! Courtney Barnett again on this blog!! Miss Barnett´s first and second claims to best álbum of the year, A Sea of Split Peas (2013) and Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (2015), have been among the most pleasent surprises last years. Her appearance in the rock scene has had a deep impact on rock fans and critics. Her Kurt Cobain meets Bob Dylan style and sound is one of the most refreshing and appealing in rock nowadays. Is she the Great White Hope of rock music?

This is a great performance on EllenTVShow of one of her best songs to date, the impressive Depreston, an instant classic.


Drive By Truckers – Everybody Needs Love

Southern combo Drive By Truckers at their best at Letterman show. This is a cover of a Eddie Hinton classic and “The Truckers” equal the original. Passion, love for music and skills!!

Imelda May – Big bad handsome man

Only guitar and vocals. You could think this should sound raw and plain, but the richness of Imelda May´s voice does the job and Darrell´s guitar fills in every left space to achieve an outstanding performance. It is a pity that Irish singer May, with a great stage presence and true great singing is often overlooked by critics and media.

Courtney Barnett & Billy Bragg – Sunday Morning

Surprisingly this is a truly great cover of The Velvet Underground´s classic. Bragg and Barnett voices perfectly fit and the performance is amazing. For sure one of the best covers ever of this song. Left handed guitarist and singer, Miss Bartnett is a standaout performer and songwriter, so keep an eye out for her.

She & Him – Turn to white

Many people look down on She & Him as a second class act: just pleasent and nice music but nothing to be outlined. I totally disagree as far as they have released some of the best folk tinged pop songs in America since their debut (and best album to date) in 2008, “Volume 1”.

“Turn to White” is the best song on their 2013 album “Volume 3” and this intimate and beautiful live performance at the Conan O´Brien show is absolutely stunning.